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You work hard and play even harder. You embrace challenge. You’re driven to succeed and are always up for an adventure. You need a sharp focus and an acute mental clarity. And you need a daily dose of energy that won’t let you down. You need SHOQ. Call today to get your supply.

All Natural Energy Drinks


SHOQ is an all-natural energy drink to help you achieve your peak performance. SHOQ is designed for the times when you’re on the way to the gym to “regain” that six pack that you never actually had, but always talk about. It’s been developed to help you keep up with your kids after their “cool” grandpa fed them ice cream for dinner. And it’s there to aid you through the evening when your boss asks you to work late. SHOQ is made for the good, the bad and the in-between. No matter the predicament that you find yourself in, SHOQ all natural energy drinks have been created to help you perform at your optimum level.

Life is something that we are all given, but living is an experience. Life is a noun. Live is a verb. Action is implied. In the fast paced world in which we live, it’s crucial that you have the necessary energy to accomplish not only what you need, but also what you want. The added energy that comes with SHOQ will give you exactly what you need to take control of your life. Because life isn’t just about doing, it’s about living. SHOQ isn’t just an energy drink. It’s an experience. Here are just a few of the main benefits of our natural energy drinks:

  • SHOQ keeps your body functioning at its peak with natural caffeine, B-Vitamin blends, L-Carnitine and a low-glycemic formula, all of which help you sustain energy.
  • SHOQ keeps your brain functioning at its peak with huperzine, which increases neurotransmitter levels, enhances alertness and protects against neurotoxins.
  • It contains rhodiola, which may decrease fatigue in stressful situations while increasing stamina.
  • SHOQ is all natural in terms of its energy, colors, flavors and sweeteners.
  • SHOQ only has 40 calories per serving.
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